The Paper Trail

The Paper Trail

Friday, May 3, 2013

On Reviewing Books (quotations)

Gratuitous quotes, that is. These are just some quotations that I wanted to share on book reviewing:

I was going to suggest some hard-won guidelines for responsible reviewing. For instance: First, as in Hippocrates, do no harm. Second, never stoop to score a point or bite an ankle. Third, always understand that in this symbiosis, you are the parasite. Fourth, look with an open heart and mind at every different kind of book with every change of emotional weather because we are reading for our lives and that could be love gone out the window or a horseman on the roof. Fifth, use theory only as a periscope or a trampoline, never a panopticon, a crib sheet or a license to kill. Sixth, let a hundred Harolds Bloom. -John Leonard, New York Times Book Review (July 18, 2004)

Me, I always claim to be in the "bring it on" school [of criticism]. One sentence of smart, well-placed criticism means more to me than a thousand words of praise. Bravos don't make me a better writer. - Rachel Toor, Chronicle of Higher Education, July 14, 2006
Have a good weekend!
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